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I own a business and take credit cards every day at multiple locations...Losing my customers' information to a data breach would be devastating to my business. First Watch provides peace of mind at a price less than what I spend for the water cooler and coffee at my office. This is a no brainer.
Ann S.

A data breach is one of the biggest threats not being addressed by business owners today.

Considering 73 percent of small businesses experience a cyber attack, it will most likely happen to you. However, 96 percent of data breaches are avoidable through simple or intermediary controls, according to a Verizon/Secret Service study.

With 63 percent of all data breaches occurring at companies with 100 employees or less, an inadequate response can be catastrophic for your small business.

First Watch is a technology solutions company dedicated to creating services that help companies protect their assets from the devastating effects of data breach.

We've created our online, high level Organizational Risk Assessment to help you identify your information risks. It consists of several Yes or No questions that take just a few minutes to complete. At the end of the assessment, you'll learn your data breach risks and more about First Watch's affordable solutions.

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